About NSF

Nordic Song Festival Association

The Nordic Song Festivals vision is to broaden the festival so that all the Nordic countries are covered. During the fall of 2014, the ideal association of the festival was formed, with a board consisting of important capabilities from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as representatives from widely different sides of business and cultural life. The Board is currently working on a number of measures to establish the Nordic Song Festival, both as a movement and brand, in order to attract and retain investors as well as to become a sustainable knowledge and development center for Nordic song.


Initiator and artistic director of the Nordic Song Festival is the Swedish-Danish soprano Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, who has and has had an impressive career at the Opera in Copenhagen and on the international opera scene. Gitta-Maria has had a passion for the Nordic song throughout her life and has developed both the visions and artistic content of the festival.


"- The Nordic song, the Nordic tone resounds in all of us - and we have to care! I want to create a place where we can meet around the song and everything that ties us together as" North-born ". At the same time, I also want to build bridges between Nordic tones and the next generation of vocal songs, composers and artists. "


Gitta-Maria Sjöberg

Founder of the Nordic Song Festival