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Master Class

Together with its international teachers, the Masters Course students at the Nordic Song Festival get the opportunity to deepen in musical and scenic expressions, as well as the repertoire.

The master's course is open to students from all over the world in piano and singing, which provides many opportunities for creating valuable networks across national and cultural boundaries.

The teaching is conducted as individual classes without audience and partly as open champion course with audience.

Combine the visit to the Open Master courses with our interesting lectures!

Nordic Song Festival focuses on the Nordic song the treasure of songs and romances in the Nordic languages. There is ample opportunity for deepening in musical / scenic expressions as well as rendering of the repertoire at the center. Classical as well as newly composed music are on the repertoire.


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Two optional songs / arias / pieces

one of the Nordic composers

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The teaching 

The teaching is conducted in Trollhättan, as a master course with public and individual classes without audience. The Master's courses offer active participants vocal and accompaniment education, with and without audience, text analysis, pronunciation, physical and stage training, posture technique, breathing techniques, interpretation, etc. Students are also offered to attend a concert.

In addition, concerts are organized in several places throughout the festival week with professional artists and some of the teachers.

Fee for the Masterclass 2019 is 9,500 SEK


The course fee includes:

Meals and accommodation

7-day individual singing and piano lessons

Lessons in text analysis

Workshop in scenic formatting, text analysis, pronunciation, physics drama and contemporary music

At least 5 lessons on the master course with the audience

Tickets for all the festival's concerts

Contribution to 2 concerts

To attend the Master's courses

each active participant must study at least 6 Nordic songs / novels. The Nordic countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway should be represented and at least one piece should be composed by a contemporary composer.

The pianists work with two singers each.

Upon acceptance of the course, a registration fee of 750 SEK will be paid (deducted from the normal course fee)


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